Cooking Class

Learn to cook in the Heart of the Jungle!

Our guests were so curious to learn what goes into making the great food at Bamboo so delicious that, before long, we had to start a class! Vietnam is increasingly becoming known for its food tourism; dishes like Phở Bó, Cơm gá and more have become the favourite, not just of locals, but of travellers too. Nowhere is this more true than in central Vietnam, where spice is king. You'll learn to cook the local specialities like....well, a local! Together with the same gusto and dedication that the chefs use in preparing every dish at Bamboo, so will you recreate that same of taste of Vietnam, to take home and wow your friends at the dinner table.

If you're a foodie looking to add Vietnamese cuisine to your culinary reportoire, this class is for you!


What recipes do you learn?

This one is up to you; guests choose 3 dishes from the Bamboo menu to learn and prepare throughout the entire class. Each class begins at 8am in Bamboo Cafe, where our chef will take you to the local market to shop for fresh ingredients. Once you've got your ingredients, you'll return to the cafe kitchen and begin cooking up your chosen dishes with our local chefs, led by Mrs. Vâng.

Once you've finished, you can bring your creation to the restaurant to enjoy, with your brand new recipe tucked away.

Check out some of the dishes that have been prepared in previous classes!


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