Cooking Class

Why do you pick Phong Nha to learn cooking?

Recently, food is becoming really big attraction to the travelers from all over the world. I have asked many customers at Bamboo Cafe about what impress them the most and of course, the answer was FOOD. As a local business, we are proud of serving a lot of local cuisine to everyone and so far our place is reputed with this quality. We have had so many people asked to learn cooking our food and it came up with an idea to open a cooking class for food ambition. What is different from the North ans South food? The food from the Central of Vietnam is a bit more salty, might be more spicy but a lots more taste than the others. That makes the food in the Central attracting more people to try and learn it. Phong Nha has been hidden for long time and it was explored recently with spectacular caves and nature and also food style. It's really interesting to see the way locals cooking their own food. We got the inspiration from them and try to bring it out to everyone. If you are a big fan of cooking and great food, this is something you can not miss in Phong Nha.

Which food do you cook with us?

As a local restaurant, we would like to present our featured cuisine to everyone from all over the world. You will find lots of local recipes with different tastes from the other places in Vietnam. You are the main factor to make this value more than just food with full of experiences of going to the local market to buy all the fresh ingredients and cook by yourselves later with our local expert, named Ms. Vang who has been cooking many years with locals.

Many local specialties and also vegetarian foods will be showed in detailed to you with a professional team here. If you want to explore our food spirits, do not miss a chance here.

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